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About Studio Eva Oyevaar

Eva Oyevaar is a Creative Illustrator applying her graphic skills in 2D and 3D Alumni of Design Academy Eindhoven

About Me

Eva Oyevaar /

I'm a product designer and Illustrator focussed on making objects and illustrations with a twist.

In my 3D designs, I tend to focus on playfulness with color and composition, and in my 2D designs, I try to characterize animals and humans from my perspective. It's all about grasping the moment from the angle that I see it from and convincing the viewer of that perception.

Studio Address
Von Flotowlaan 1 / 5652AD Eindhoven
+31 (0)6 50505245
Eva Oyevaar
Bachelor Degree Fine Arts
Design Academy . Department Man and Activity . Eindhoven . The Netherlands
Jorine Oosterhoff . Product design . Arnhem . The Netherlands
Minor Ceramics
Design Academy . Phoenix Cultuur . Vegel . The Netherlands
Object Rotterdam
As part of Art Rotterdam 6-7-8-9 February 2020 HAKU building Rotterdam . Project Aperitif
Exhibition graduation show
DDW 2019 . Project Aperitif Campina Fabriek . Eindhoven . Design Academy Link here
Exhibition Kazerne
Project Aperitif . Curated by Ilse Crawford en Oscar Peña
Exhibition Kunst en natuur route
Ilustrations and Project City Life Wemeldinge . route
Open house
Collaboration . Yvonne Oyevaar Goes . Atelier Yvonne Oyevaar
Exhibition House Veere
Ilustrations and Ceramics Veere . Design house
Collaborations and projects
Illustrations for book
Toen & hier Eindhoven book series Book illustrations for 'Muizen in de Buizen'
Link to the website publisher
Installation festival
Hanging Firefly installation for the main tent above the dance floor
Link to project
Portrait illustration
Portrait of the daughter The episode aired on March 18th, 2019
Link to the article of Interieur renovation
De makers van Bergen op Zoom
Illustrations printed on postcards and A3
Lombardenstraat 14
Bergen op Zoom