Studio Eva Oyevaar

My illustrations live in a world which is my free space where I can create everything and anything, playing with a dreamworld and people's perception in contrast with reality.

I am self-taught in illustrating and learning techniques by creating and observing. As a young designer I can use new tools and technology, so I work with fine liners and photoshop so that I can build up my images in layers just like how images are digitally built these days.

London foxes
  • Kroelkipjes
    Help you
    Beagle bday
    Cat with hat
    Lean on me
    Caged bird
    Chicks on the line
    Family portrait
    Let it rain
    On the line
    Copy paste
    Long legs
  • Miss piggy has a fish ass
    It's my b-day
    Geboorte kaartje
    Cat with hat
    Seagulls on the line
    Stork to the left
    Be different
    Eat me _Schrimp
    Portrait the father figure
    Me and my friends
    You are what you eat _pelican
    The near touch
    Missing you
  • Sheep
    Kip alleen
    Geboorte kaartje
    Stork to the right
    You are what you eat _the catfish
    Comfort circle
    All alone
    My mother told me i could be anything
    Your are what you eat _eel
    Flamingo vibe