Studio Eva Oyevaar

City life

We decided to build cities, claiming lands as our own and build ourselves a home, but we never really thought of the effect this would have on the other inhabitants of this planet.

Now, we are filled with negative emotions towards animals we have always lived with and whom have no real ill attend towards us. Besides, we have built the ideal living situations for them. The tall buildings are perfect shelters and homes, there is an unlimited food source in every street and there are lots of other friends and possible mates. A lot of species strive in cities and have larger populations inside the urbanization then they do in the wild. They have adapted to our lifestyle better then we have to theirs and that just simply feels unfair. What City Life is all about is to tell the story of the animals which are so disliked by us. Us being the humans living in the city and ignoring the beauty and good aspects that the animals do have.

What I’m explaining through City Life is that we can use our time better to focus on the good and impressive qualities than to live in negativity and irritations.

City Life is a collection of books creating a positive perspective of Pigeons, foxes, and mouses. The series is open for growth into the worlds of other unappreciated animals trying to survive and strive in the urban wildlife.

The project is currently still looking for investors and a publisher.

For more information and interest in helping me bring this project to the people, please contact me!

Year: 2019
Material: Biotop paper 300 gram. / Felt stuffed animals.