Studio Eva Oyevaar


By using the transparent quality of the glassware you can playfully interact with the series of objects giving an extra dimension. Aperitif is a series of colored glassware that can be stacked in endless combinations to create new hues.

Normally we keep our Plates and bowls hidden behind cupboard doors, but why not allow it to transcend the functional as aesthetic objects worth putting on show in the interior? This collection is made to be seen, inviting attention and interaction. It invites you to stack, layer and combine to see different colors emerge.

Aperitif is an example of a new technique to bring depth trough layering transparent surfaces and can be extended in many other applications.

Aperitif is still in the production phase, if you are interested or want to know more you can email me and I'll inform you about it's status.

Year: 2019
Material: Bullseye Glass